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HUD Types


HUD Types:


These are the backbone to every clan. Even leaders start as this type before being promoted up. These HUDs have the ability to drain humans at a rate of 2 blood liters per human. Each human can be drained once per day per vampire/lycan, though if another player drains them after the first player, the original drainer can drain them again. Players earn blood when they drain humans, which also increases their clan's hold of a sim.

A clan owner may choose to promote a vampire/lycan up to the leader spot. Purebloods/Alphas are the clan leaders and oftentimes are the clan owner. Their base cost is higher to be killed and they are able to drain at a rate of 4 liters per human.

Joining a clan is simple. Open the menu by hitting the logo at the top of the HUD and hit the "Join clan" button. If another player is near, their name will appear on a dropdown menu. Find the name of the person whose clan you wish to join and select their name. They will either accept you or not into their clan.


Familiars are the only players in Immortal Empires that cannot be harmed. They cannot harm either. They drain humans for 12 blood liters per human, and use this blood to replenish a player's blood. Familiars are generally the eyes of a clan, going out on the grid and searching for rival clan's lands and players. Familiars must be in a family to participate and can only transfer blood to the players within that family. Familiars cannot be leaders of clans, they can however own them.

Familiars are not safe either: Familiars can be stolen from by killers, If a killer steals from a familiar the familiar will lose 15% of their blood and be placed into protective mode, if they drain or rez a dead killer the protection will disable and the killer can steal again.


Hybrids are similar to Vampires/lycans but have a few key differences. Their base cost to be killed is much higher as well as having a higher drain rate. They drain humans for 6 blood liters each. Hybrids do not have their own clans and must join a vampire or lycan clan. Hybrids cannot be leaders of clans, they can however own them.


Slayers are unique and are quite powerful. They are the human destroyers and killers of the immortals. They drain 8 blood liters per human and have a relatively higher base cost to be killed. What makes Slayers so strong is their ability to slay dormant players at twice their cost. Slayers are limited and certain achievements must be earn to qualify to become a slayer. Clans must have 5 players for each Slayer they have.

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