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The Last Chance Staff


The Last Chance Staff (LC) is a Mass kill weapons created for the function of mass killing enemies or getting revenge on an entire group of players.


The Lastchance can only be purchased at the mainstore at the region Immortal Empires.

The lastchance is L$ 8000 to buy and it comes with 20 CHARGES each can kill all players including familiars from 90M.


The Last chance has requirements in order to use it.


  • Player Must be alive, Dead players can not use their Last Chance Staff
  • there must be more that 2 enemy players on region when using the Last Chance Staff
  • you MUST be a player of Immortal Empires.

The staff has a cool down period between uses to stop it being abused this cool down lasts for 1 hour.


for more information talk to a Staff member or file a ticket!

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